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В субботу, 25 апреля, в корпусе S кампуса ДВФУ на острове Русский прошел смешанный турнир по регболу и греко-римской борьбе «На краю Земли». Соревнования такого формата, объединившие около сотни спортсменов из приморской столицы и Уссурийска, в регионе были проведены впервые. [ Read more ]

The championship of the Chuvash Republic on regball, 2015

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November 4 in the games room of the sports Complex of the Chuvash state University. I. N. Ulyanov took the final game of the Championship of the Chuvash Republic on regball. To cheer on their team gathered more than 150 spectators. To welcome the participants of the competition came Vice-President of the Russian Federation regola Ivan Appolonovich Andreev, also [ Read more ]

Tournament in beach regball!

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18 July at 14:00 Central on the Cheboksary city beach hosted the national tournament in beach regball! The competition was attended by 5 teams. Light rain before the game didn't scare the audience. But as the game started, the weather is just normal. And who just came on [ Read more ]