All-Russian tournament "Cup of the North capital" to the memory of the captain of the team "Atlanta of Neva" Rustam Basakova

On 16 and 17 February the Saint-Petersburg again, after almost twelve-year hiatus, became rebolini capital of Russia. At the all-Russian tournament "Cup of the North capital" to the memory of the captain of the team "Atlanta of Neva" Rustam Basakova rebolini brought together the strongest squads in the country.

This is the team "Russian bears" (Rostov-on-don), "Ural Legion" (Ekaterinburg), Chuvashiya (Cheboksary), "Bears of Prikamye" (Perm), "Rewinski bears" (Krasnoyarsk). All these teams in different years, achieved the title of Champions or the winners of the Cup of Russia.

The masters tournament was represented by players KSHVSM, for whom this tournament was the first test of regblog maturity.

Welcome players came the parents of Rustam Basakova PMIS Haji and his wife, heads of the representative Offices of the Republic of Dagestan in St. Petersburg, President of St. Petersburg Federation of wrestling Alex Broad, friends of Rustam on the team are seven — time Champions of Russia: Anatoliy Motyl, Merab korchilava, Dmitry Tomilov, Andrew Kashapov, Aslan karginov and others.

At solemn opening of tournament the Vice-President of the Russian Federation regola Ivan Appolonovich Andreev noted that the competition was attended by all the leading realistov of Russia from different regions of the country and this should determine the high intensity of the struggle on the court. And he was right.

Long walls and bleachers of the sports complex "Grifon" Saint-Petersburg financial and economic University, where gladiators fought twenty-first century, have not seen such storm of emotions, courageous and persistent power struggle in those days.

Every goal scored was caused by the cheers of the fans. But often swept, and the roar of frustration when seemingly out of the advantageous position directly under the basket, the players managed to miss.

Although this can be attributed to the excitement and sometimes the fatigue of the players, try to score when you "load" the hands and sometimes too "tough" watch over".

For example, in the old days when a team "Atlanta of Neva" at the expense of well-thought-out tactics and selection of players based on their physical data, their skillful arrangement on the site, work on the leaderboard, what were Rustam Bazakov and Anatoly Motylev, completely eliminates useless moves on the field and worked for the victory.

Unfortunately in this tournament many players used simple tactics – "hit-run"! Although the passions, desire to win, play to the last second of the match is different from almost all teams.

And mostly it was the players "Rosinsky bears." Not to say that the team a cut above their rivals in technique and tactics, with the exception, perhaps, inexperienced and totally played Petrograd, which, unfortunately, this tournament has become the "whipping boys", just Siberians were persistent in attack and more careful in the selection of goals.

As a result of their victory in this tournament, gold medals and the possession of "the Cup of Northern capital".

The competition showed that the level of skill rebolini the leading teams of the country such as – "Roshinskii bears", "Chuvashia", "Russian bear" is constantly growing, most of the teams are "rejuvenated". Although there is an exception to this rule is the citizens.

Here in full force playing veterans who did not go to the site, about two decades! The real heroes of regola! Sasha Zyryanov, Denisov brothers, Batalov and others. Those who came to fight against the terrible "Atlantis" And in this tournament, their selfless personal struggle on the court, well-tested tactic that helps the team win today. But the upgrade process is inevitable. And this guys from a Large Source of the Sverdlovsk region are preparing.

On the rise now cheboksartsy. Guys from coast of Volga — smooth, balanced, strong-willed team always equal to engage in a dispute for the gold medal with any opponent.

A good impression left last year's Champions the country of Rostov. The team of Vladimir Galkin is a very friendly and cohesive team. In the formation of this team was greatly helped by their countryman Yury Zhukov — one of the first in Russia, the organizers and promoters of regola. But the Donetsk team on the court at times susceptible to spontaneous mood, emotions, forgetting about the precise tactics of the game.

I want to say about the team "Bears Prikamye" — one of the first in Russia, the Ural team that has a rich sports tradition, founded the first coach Anatoly Konev.

This is a multiple prize-winners of Russian Championships, domestic Cup, international tournaments. Now the guys are going through a difficult period of generational change, is lapping players, but this difficult time will pass, and, we hope, will see Permyakov at the highest steps of the podium!

Ended a two-day St. Petersburg tournament. Undoubtedly, meeting at the site have enriched the sports baggage teams, REBOL a step further on the path of development and improvement. But far more athletes are communicating with each other, sharing experiences, strengthened the sporting and human friendship. Despite the difficult political relations between Russia and Ukraine, regality from Mariupol showed the desire and found the opportunity to come to the tournament as judges, for what they are we enormous gratitude.

It is very good that Petersburg — a city with glorious traditions realnymi is regaining its importance, I'm sure there will still be a strong regalena squad that will be worthy of the name "Atlanta of Neva", and will undoubtedly help them in this tournament to the memory of Rustam Basakova — athlete and a great man, whose memory lives in our hearts!

The results of the tournament:

1st place – Krasnoyarsk Krai,

2nd place – The Chuvash Republic,

3rd place – Rostov-on-don.

After the solemn ceremony of closing of competitions. Cup holders and prize-winners of tournament were awarded father of Rustam Basakova — PMIS Haji, Vice-President of the Russian Federation regola Ivan Appolonovich Andreev, President of St. Petersburg Federation of wrestling Alexey Alexandrovitch Wide.

In accordance with the order of the Russian Federation regola was awarded badges "For assistance in the development of regola in the Russian Federation" the President of wrestling of Saint-Petersburg A. Broad, editor-in-chief of magazine "World of regola" V. Surkova, seven-time Russian champion-team player "Atlanta of Neva" A. Moth and the tournament referee E. Perepelkina.

Photos: 1 day, 2nd day