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Twisted criminal with a knife athlete from Berdsk

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Бердчанин Илья Ильченко остановил преступника, вооружённого ножом. 10 апреля он проезжал мимо налоговой инспекции Кировского района Новосибирска и увидел, что из здания выбегают в панике люди. Илья решил зайти в помещение и помочь. Он припарковал машину и направился внутрь. Читать [ Read more ]

Dear friends and fans of regola!

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On behalf of the Russian Federation regola and from myself personally I congratulate you with Victory Day! We bow our heads before the feat of our loved ones, grandfathers and fathers, grandmothers and mothers who gave their life and selfless work has protected our Homeland [ Read more ]

C 2018 happy New year and merry Christmas

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Dear friends and fans of regola! On behalf of the Russian Federation regola and myself personally I congratulate you with coming New 2018 year and Christmas! These bright holidays bring into our lives of light and goodness, joy and hope. In anticipation of the New year [ Read more ]

XIX championship of Russia on regball

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In the struggle for the main trophy of competitions entered teams of the Krasnoyarsk territory, the Perm territory, the Novosibirsk and Rostov regions, as well as team of the region, taking the championship of the Chuvash Republic. Today, the first day of competition, took place four matches. Two games had teams of Perm region, [ Read more ]

Tournament "Crystal Cup", Berdsk

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In Berdsk (Novosibirsk oblast) on December 13, was the tournament "Crystal Cup" with participation of commands "Siberia" and "Ob" from Novosibirsk and "Dawn" and "Crystal" Berdsk. Winning the tournament was won by regality "Siberia", second place — the team of "Dawn"

The championship and the Cup of the Chuvash Republic

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In the Chuvash Republic from November 7 began the competition on regball, which will be held in several stages until December 20. It's the national championship and the Cup of the Chuvash Republic. 8 November met the river — BARS, the score 13:24 in favor of the BARS. And the OLYMPUS [ Read more ]

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REBOL in Tambov

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Friendly match regball was held in October in Tambov. Participated Aleksandr Karelin, Khasan Baroyev, Sergey Artyukhin, Islam Duguchiev, Varteres Samurgashev, Mnatsakan Iskandaryan, Alexey Kolesnikov. These famous masters arrived at the all-Russian competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling of memory of the deserved master of sports, world champion, [ Read more ]

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Anniversary of section of Greco-Roman wrestling in Berdsk

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In the sports complex "Crystal" 25-28 September passed competitions of Siberian Federal district in Greco-Roman wrestling. Section of the struggle in Berdsk — 30 years, the town has in the past held the championship of Russia on free-style wrestling of the sports contest of pupils of Siberia, the international tournament in memory Dremina and Maximov. Berd [ Read more ]

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Beach REBOL in Kaliningrad

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Beach soccer and volleyball were very popular at the first festivals, and now on the first roles came less popular brands and Central place in the traditional festival of beach sports in Kaliningrad was devoted regball. To win in which helps not only tactical [ Read more ]

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REBOL in the Arctic, Murmansk

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In Snezhnogorsk passed competitions on regball involving teams from Murmansk, Monchegorsk, Kola and St. Petersburg. For the first time were women. Women's team on the podium did not rise, but made a serious bid to win. The main Cup of the tournament took home a team of [ Read more ]

Championship of the city Cheboksary

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In the sports complex "Spartak" hosted the VI open championship of the city of Cheboksary on regball. The title played of the team "Olympus" (Cheboksary), "Volga" (Cheboksary), "Bears" (Cheboksary). The champion title was won by regality team "Bears". The tournament was held friendly match between teams of veterans of the cities of Cheboksary and Ulyanovsk, [ Read more ]

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REBOL in the Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary

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In Cheboksary, in the sports complex OLYMPUS held a youth tournament on regball dedicated to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. Four participated rebolini team — schools 17, and 54 teams of Krasnoarmeyskaya and Cheboksary areas. The first place team of 17 schools, the second school 54, the third [ Read more ]