The Cup of Russia on regball, Berdsk

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Sunday, may 26, 2013, in the city of Berdsk of the Novosibirsk region the Cup of Russia on regball. Took part of only 5 teams: from Berdsk, Krasnoyarsk, Ekaterinburg and two of Novosibirsk. The event was hosted by Berd CSK "VEGA". While the tournament was organized [ Read more ]

Open championship of the Chuvash Republic on regball

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20 APR 2013 in the sports hall of AU DOD "DYUSSH of a name of A. V. Ignatiev "OLAP Yal" area took place open championship of the Chuvash Republic on regball. The competition was held for the purpose of development of regola in the Chuvash Republic, identify the strongest teams, and also promote a healthy lifestyle. [ Read more ]

The Cup defenders of the Fatherland on regball, Cheboksary.

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In Cheboksary played "the Cup of the defenders of the Fatherland" on regball, February 2013, Cheboksary. The Cup defenders of the Fatherland the Match was similar to a real battle. If not judge strictly followed the technique, players could leave the court injured. The participants of the finals of the "Cup defenders of the Fatherland» [ Read more ]

The championship of Russia on regball, Chelyabinsk

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18 Dec 2012 the championship of Russia on regball in Chelyabinsk. The championship is held for 14 times. The competition was attended by teams of the Chuvash Republic, Krasnoyarsk territory, Chelyabinsk region, Perm Krai, Sverdlovsk and Novosibirsk regions. At the opening ceremony of the Championship was attended by the Deputy Minister [ Read more ]

The Republican championship on regball, Cheboksary

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17 Nov 2012 in Cheboksary sport Complex "Spartak" have passed final games of the national championship on regball. For the title of champion of the Republic fought the strongest team of the Republic "Olympus" and "bars". 10 seconds before the end of the first half the score was recorded 6:6. Team [ Read more ]

The first tournament on regball, Omsk.

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In Omsk passed the first tournament on regball, December 2011, Omsk. 24 December in the sports hall of DYUSSH imeni geroya Rossii Olega Okhrimenko took place the next matches of the first in Omsk open tournament on regball. The competition was attended by 9 teams: Spartak, the team of the club [ Read more ]

The III open Cup of the Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk

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In Novosibirsk ended the III open Cup of the Novosibirsk region on regball. The competition was attended by teams from Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk (Novosibirsk oblast). The initiator of the tournament was traditionally organized by the Federation of regola Novosibirsk region. Read more

Чемпионат России

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In the city of Cheboksary November 26, 2011 in games hall of the sports Complex "SPARTAK" was held XIII championship of Russia on regball. For 8 years regba in the Chuvash Republic of the little-known, became popular and recognizable sport and found a lot of fans. In spite [ Read more ]

Open championship of the Volga Federal district

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Open championship of the privoljskiy Federal district in regball was held from 28 to 30 January 2011 in Ulyanovsk in the FLC "New generation". The interest in this competition in the regions will melt. If last year was attended by teams from the four regions, this [ Read more ]

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Championship Of The Volga Region

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The first official championship of the Volga Federal district on regball was held in late January in Ulyanovsk. The fight for the title were the four strongest rebolini team from the city of Cheboksary, Ulyanovsk, Ufa and Samara. In the end, the trophy went to the guests of Chuvash Republic – the team [ Read more ]

Cup of Perm on regball, Perm

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In January in Perm passed a city Cup on regball with the participation of six teams, including veterans of the sport. According to the results of the championship of Perm, the winner was the team "Spartak". Second place went to the club "great", the third "Ural". The next tournament [ Read more ]

Tournament "Crystal Cup", Berdsk

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In Berdsk (Novosibirsk oblast) on December 13, was the tournament "Crystal Cup" with participation of commands "Siberia" and "Ob" from Novosibirsk and "Dawn" and "Crystal" Berdsk. Winning the tournament was won by regality "Siberia", second place — the team of "Dawn"

The championship and the Cup of the Chuvash Republic

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In the Chuvash Republic from November 7 began the competition on regball, which will be held in several stages until December 20. It's the national championship and the Cup of the Chuvash Republic. 8 November met the river — BARS, the score 13:24 in favor of the BARS. And the OLYMPUS [ Read more ]

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REBOL in Tambov

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Friendly match regball was held in October in Tambov. Participated Aleksandr Karelin, Khasan Baroyev, Sergey Artyukhin, Islam Duguchiev, Varteres Samurgashev, Mnatsakan Iskandaryan, Alexey Kolesnikov. These famous masters arrived at the all-Russian competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling of memory of the deserved master of sports, world champion, [ Read more ]

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Beach REBOL in Kaliningrad

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Beach soccer and volleyball were very popular at the first festival. Now for the first role out the less popular brands and Central place in the traditional festival of beach sports in Kaliningrad was devoted regball. To win in which helps not only tactical cunning, [ Read more ]