The championship and the Cup of the Chuvash Republic

In the Chuvash Republic from November 7 began the competition on regball, which will be held in several stages until December 20. It's the national championship and the Cup of the Chuvash Republic. 8 November met the river – BARS, the score 13:24 in favor of the BARS. And the OLYMPUS and the BEARS ended in favor of the OLYMPUS 17:12. 14 November met the team BARS-OLYMPUS – 18:10, BEARS-VOLGA – 29:18. Champions of the Republic steel regality command BARS.

The championship and the Cup of the Chuvash Republic.A Cup of Chuvash Republic on regball was played on November 22 in the village Ibresi in Ibresinsky district of the Chuvash Republic. The tournament was opened by the first Deputy head of administration of the Ibresinsky district in Mihalik V. L., Vice-President of RDF Andreev I. A., President of the Federation of regola Chuvash Republic D. R. Sadriev a Decisive game for the Cup between the teams "Olymp" and "Bears" was very tense, with mutual destruction of players and the first half ended with the score 5:5. In the second half players of "Olympus" managed to impose their tactics and defeat with the score 17:12. The Cup was won by the team "Olympus". Was named the best player of Ardzinov Alan, the player of "Olympus", and the will to win awarded the team the "Bears" Ilogin Dmitry, who scored the highest number of goals.