City tournament on beach regball

For the second year in a row, the Federation of regola Chuvash Republic invites Amateur and professional wrestling-Boxing basketball to spend a summer day on the left Bank of the beach of Cheboksary. This year responded to the representatives of the six teams. To the traditional friends-and rivals – "Elbrus" (former Barca), "Olympus" and the veterans now added "Crow", "Stockings"

– Мы перед каждым открытием сезона проводим пляжный регбол, – рассказывает вице-президент Всероссийской федерации регбола, президент республиканской федерации регбола Иван Андреев. – Это как раз показывает, как спортсмены лето провели, в каком они физическом состоянии встречают открытие сезона. Сегодняшние соревнования покажут кто на что готов.

Unlike the classic beach regole there is 4 players from each team. Time showdown – two halves of 7 minutes of pure time. This significantly speeds up the pace of the game. And the sand helps to minimize the injuries sustained by the athletes during law enforcement contact. However, all this requires from the performers a good functional training. And the fact that they have proved veterans regola. In the match for the bronze medal with a score of 9:7 beat "Stockings", many players which were good in them sons.

Well, the final was contested between the current holders of the summer Cup librasoft and their constant opponents of the "Olympus". That match was tense, shows the score after the first half – 0:0. In such a situation, all may be solved by the only goal. However, to be cautious not in the rules of freestyle wrestlers (namely the wards of the Republican Federation of wrestling, made up the team "Elbrus"). Outdoor REBOL added drive not only candidates of the summer Cup, but the fans. Even for fifteen minutes before the end of the control time of the match the score was equal – 1:1. It seemed that extra time is unavoidable, but luck was on the side of the fighters, who in the last seconds to score the decisive goal. 2:1, and victory "Elbrus".

– Конечно, важна победа, тем более ветераны у нас играли, – говорит президент Федерации спортивной борьбы Чувашии Алексей Лапшин. – Это доказывает, что ветераны в форме, могут ещё побороться за золотые медали. Они будут у нас в основной сборной команде, без них тяжело на чемпионате России.