Mixed tournament on regball and Greco-Roman wrestling "On the edge of the earth."

More than fifty athletes on Saturday, June 16, made in the traditional mixed tournament on regball and Greco-Roman wrestling "On the edge of the earth." As in previous years, the competitions were held in the building's FEFU campus on Russian island and brought together participants from the seaside

The first results of the competition summed up the wrestlers 12 years old and under, acting according to the rules of Greco-Roman wrestling. On a separate from the main site-carpet for medals of the tournament fought about 30 boys. According to the chief judges of the competition Ruslan Aliyev, in addition to the Greco-Roman style, the event attracted young wrestlers.

"The participants, of course, is not enough, but it's summer and holidays, many children went away to camp or to the grandparents, so we settle for what we have. About contractions – given the age of the children they serve very well. Some of them have only recently started going to the wrestling, but have shown the will to win, grow. Also among the participants there are those who have occupied prize-winning places at competitions of a higher status, for example, the championship of Primorsky Krai. And, of course, in the end, they take the medals, but their progress from year to year are very happy, they dedicate a lot of time training, – said Ruslan Aliyev. – In General, all the meetings were very interesting, despite the fact that surprises in the results were the leaders proved their positions, taking first place".

It is worth noting that the tournament is already the fourth. However, this year the number of participants affected the format the same fights on Greco-Roman wrestling. Previously, the winners were determined among the teams way of "wall to wall", but this year the winners were revealed individually in the individual championship. Every meeting on the carpet passed through two periods of two minutes with 30 second break.

"The competition was prepared in a usual mode, during the holidays do not stop to do. Practiced once a day for two hours, – said the winner of competitions on Greco-Roman wrestling in weight to 32 kg Rustam Kembaev of Findings (12, SK Atlant). – The level of competition, I think, was good, although my weight was the other guys. So my category was merged with the higher, too, there was only one party – Ilyas Choi, so on the carpet I came. To fight him was pretty hard, especially he's a wrestler, and I was unusual to stand up to them. Coped, I think, thanks to the will to win and support my team. We are always each other's sick, it really helps".

The second discipline of the competition "On the edge of the earth" – regale participants were men aged 18 years and older. In General, for the victory fought here four teams, representing the Vladivostok and Ussuriysk. For the regional center was "pride", "Bears" and "Wrestlers", and the honor of the second of the cities was defended by representatives of the team "Gladiator" training in being a part of "Alexander Nevsky." The latter, incidentally, came in last place at the end of all the matches, but to high results because of the experience in regole and not sought. About it VL.ru said the captain of the team "Gladiator" Ruslan Jafarov:

«Наши одноклубники из Владивостока сегодня повезли детей из детских домов в Андреевку, поэтому на турнире выступают только парни из Уссурийска. Мы откликнулись на предложение федерации регбола, потому что для нас этот турнир – отличная тренировка, которая сказывается на всестороннем развитии. Не могу сказать, что мы готовились к соревнованиям, скорее – решили выступить наобум. Зимой несколько раз мы арендовали зал и играли в регбол, но потом началась подготовка к серьезным соревнованиям, и мы это дело забросили. Как итог – мы проиграли матчи просто из-за того, что много “мазали”. То есть с борцовской составляющей, функционалкой и скоростью у нас все отлично, а вот в баскетбольное кольцо мы плохо попадаем. Тем более состав у нас приехал маленький – всего шесть человек, и мы играли практически без замен, быстро уставали, в то время как у других, более опытных команд “скамейка” была длинной. Это тоже сказывалось на нашей точности, и, конечно же, мы быстро поняли, что в призы не войдем. Из соперников впечатлили команды “Медведи” и “Прайд”: прессинга у них как такового нет, но они очень хорошо попадают в корзину, отлично разыгрывают, у них интересные комбинации. Конечно, на их фоне заметно, что в регболе нам не хватает опыта и что во время игры делаем много лишних движений, изматываемся. Но на самом деле, мы приехали просто поиграть для себя и дополнительно потренироваться, интересно провести время – в межсезонье есть такая возможность».

The teams played a round Robin, each match consisted of two 20-minute periods of "dirty" time. According to the organizer of the tournament, President of the Federation of resbala of Primorsky Krai and part of the player of team "pride" Georgy Burtsev, this was done in order to speed up the games and make them as entertaining.

From each team on the court played at six people, the rest – in reserve (maximum included 15 players). The outcome of the tournament was decided on the total number of groups of points. The matches were held in a free format, among the prohibitions were the only shocks in the back, tripping, kicking, and amplitude throws.

"It's a tough game, and although it all know, emotions often take their toll and the players break the rules. For this they are punished by removal for one minute. Actually, during 40 minutes of any meetings, there is a lot of clarifications and critiques of controversial issues. But by and large these games are a reason to all get together, have a great time and once again to practice regole, so the event is more of a training and competition format adds some excitement, – said Georgy Burtsev. – The teams we have involved not a lot, because REBOL basically come from basic sports, wrestling disciplines, and they are now in the region is poorly developed. Therefore, as such the younger generation we have, and reserve athletes. But such tournaments we try to contribute to the development of the Olympic disciplines."

This year for some coastal realistov tournament "On the edge of the earth" the season will not end: of the speakers of the teams will be formed the national team of edge which will go on the championship of Russia in Novosibirsk. Now representatives of the local Federation is looking for sponsors for organizing this trip and involved in the selection of the strongest players who are able not only to leave the group at the national start, but try to enter in the prizes.

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