Competition regball in Gorno-Altaysk

In honor of day of the athlete athletes Gorno-Altai club of martial arts "Olympus" on August 11 held a traditional field training for everyone over the age of 15. This time at the invitation of the all-season resort "Manzherok" events were held on the sports grounds of the resort. In celebration of the were held

In celebration of the competition was held on regball team game with elements of wrestling, basketball and Rugby. The aim of the game is to hit the ball the ring of the opposing team. Unlike basketball, during the game allowed tough power struggle, the rules are no such things as dribbling and free throws. The broken rhythm of the game, where it is mixed wind sprints, wrestling, throws in a basket on the accuracy — allowing you to develop agility, explosive strength and coordination. REBOL is an integral part in the preparation of athletes of martial arts. Athletes have successfully tested a new basketball court.

Then for those who want to test their strength and endurance Olimpia carried out a complex of special physical training in the fighting style of the crossfit. The participants had to do at the speed of two rounds of ten explosive exercises, duration of each of them was 30 seconds. During the forced rhythm athletes performed the maximum number of repetitions: squats and lunges with weights, lifting your body on the rings, shots, athletic balls, ropes, crunches, speed bumps. It is believed that for beginners just execute this complex to the end — already a success. At the conclusion of sporting events in honor of the holiday, all participants were awarded with memorable gifts. Also, everyone could have free access to the bath provided by the resort "Manzherok".

As told the chief coach of "Olympus" Andrey Korchuganov, a sports club has been successfully operating for over 11 years, it is visited by adults and children, a total of about 200 people. "Among our students there are many famous athletes that represent our country at competitions of national and international level. We have people of all ages and professions. Despite the fact that the levels are different, important for us is the preservation of the traditions of the club based on unity and mutual respect. Our goal is to make the maximum number of people involved in sports and physical culture," he said.