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Jubilee medal "20 years of Russian regball"

23.08.2018 0

In connection with the celebration in 2018 of the anniversary, devoted to the 20 anniversary of establishment in Russia of official competitions on regball in accordance with the Order from RDF 21.08.2018 No. 8-21, will be awarded the medal of distinguished leaders, experts and athletes of the Russian Federation Regola, it [ Read more ]

Cheboksary Open beach tournament on regball

25.07.2018 0

On the beach of the sanatorium-resort complex "Sunny beach" Tournament capital of Chuvash Republic in beach regball. From the stuffy halls on the Bank of the Volga river came to be the most creative representatives of the national Federation wrestling Boxing basketball. Beach "Sunny beach" became a venue of competitions in beach regball. This day the weather [ Read more ]

Dear friends and fans of regola!

09.05.2018 0

On behalf of the Russian Federation regola and from myself personally I congratulate you with Victory Day! We bow our heads before the feat of our loved ones, grandfathers and fathers, grandmothers and mothers who gave their life and selfless work has protected our Homeland [ Read more ]

Cup of the Chuvash Republic on regball

29.04.2018 0

On the eve of victory Day wards Chuvash Republican Federation of Boxing-wrestling of basketball has competed for the Cup of Chuvash Republic on regball. The Cup of the Republican Federation of rebola was in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the official recognition of the sport and education of the Federation of resbala of the Chuvash Republic. Stand with memorials, photographs [ Read more ]


In the Ulyanovsk region the new Minister of sport

06.08.2018 0

On 30 July the head of the Ministry of physical culture and sports of the Ulyanovsk region has become a Nazir Shamsutdinov. The decree on appointment was signed by the Governor of the region Sergey Morozov. Nazir Shamsutdinov is a master of sports of the international class on Greco - Roman wrestling was one of the founders of the Russian public organization "Russian [ Read more ]

Twisted criminal with a knife athlete from Berdsk

16.04.2018 0

Benjamin Ilya Ilchenko stopped the offender, armed with a knife. On April 10 it passed the tax Inspectorate of the Kirov district of Novosibirsk and saw that the building ran out in a panic, people. Ilya decided to go inside and help. He parked the car and went inside. To read [ Read more ]


Competition regball in Gorno-Altaysk

14.08.2018 0

In honor of day of the athlete athletes Gorno-Altai club of martial arts "Olympus" on August 11 held a traditional field training for everyone over the age of 15. This time at the invitation of the all-season resort "Manzherok" events were held on the sports grounds of the resort. In celebration of the were held [ Read more ]