Novosibirsk oblast

To develop REBOL in the Siberian region there began wrestlers of free and Greek-Roman style, predstvaiteli sport club "Ob" s. gvozdetskiy, M. Fatkulin, A. Pichugin, and V. Utkin and others. It was them who laid the Foundation of a team that has always distinguished the strong sporting spirit, confidence, good physical preparation and a huge will to win.

In a large REBOL Novosibirsk club "Ob" came in 2000. It was the second championship of Russia and the first launch brought an unexpected success — the team reached the final and won silver. Next year, in 2001 Novosibirsk wins Cup of Russia on regball and III Championships is the third prize. A year later, at the IV championship in Novosibirsk, owners become silver medalists. At the international tournament of the Cup of Peter the team first played in 2003, and won bronze medals. And not coincidentally, the Novosibirsk team won silver and bronze medals of the championship of Russia of 2007.

Rapidly burst into the Russian orbit regblog Novosibirsk every year added to the skill, the team has developed its own playing style — regality skillfully changed the style of play, is rapidly attacked, tough in defence, kept in constant power struggle.

In recent years, the city's residents literally were constant Champions of the "Atlanta of Neva" on the heel, a team with a real Siberian character and the main goal for the team is to take the new sports altitude, climb up a notch in rebolini hierarchy. The ambitions of the team support and Siberian rebolini fans in Novosibirsk it's been three regolini of the championship of Russia in 2002, 2994 and 2007, and the stands of the sports complex "Spartak" could barely hold thousands of Siberian the fans who came to support their team.

REBOL in REBOL Novosibirsk in the Novosibirsk region continues to grow rapidly, regularly rebolini Championships region with the participation of six teams, to prepare regalena change of wrestlers of freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling — experienced players who were the backbone of the team is gradually moving away from the old line-up left two people Alex and Thorny Igor Ivonin. Places of experienced masters is a young, promising regality such as Sergey Velichko, Sergey Mineev and Eugene Tushin..

Zhuravlev Dmitry Anatolyevich
President of Novosibirsk regional Federation of regola

Novosibirsk in 2007 became the venue of the championship of Russia — and, according to the President of the Federation of regola Novosibirsk region Dmitry Zhuravlev, in many respects is a merit of the Novosibirsk team "Siberia". The birth team consisted of the merger of three sports clubs — regality Berdsk and two sports clubs of single combats of the Novosibirsk created a unified team "Siberia", which in 2007 won the Cup of Russia. After that, the team participated in the prestigious international tournament of memory Yakovlev, held in Saint-Petersburg. The results of these two competitions the Russian Federation regola decided that the championship of Russia must be held in Novosibirsk.
The Siberian team — "Siberia" and "Sable", who won IX championship silver and bronze, confirmed the correct choice of Novosibirsk for the national realnogo championship.

Rapidly developing REBOL in Berdsk (Novosibirsk oblast).

Berd wrestlers successfully mastered a new sport – REBOL. Six Berd athletes were in 2007 the winners of the Cup of Russia on regball, and in 2008 – silver medalist of the championship of Russia. The section of Greco-Roman wrestling in Berdsk in 2009 celebrated its 30th anniversary and Berdsk has become a center for major competitions bribe, and now in the city are regularly held tournaments on regball created two rebolini team "Dawn" and "Crystal".

In December 2009 took place the tournament "Crystal Cup" in the arena of the sports complex "Crystal" competed: owner of the Cup of Russia the team Sibir (Novosibirsk), winner of the championship of Russia the command is "Ob" (Novosibirsk) and the team Berdsk — "Dawn" and a young team "Crystal". Novosibirsk "Siberia" became the winner of the tournament, and regality "Dawn" had a worthy competition to athletes from the Siberian capital, and took second place. An experienced team of sport club "Ob" participated in the chepionat of Russia on regball in Novosibirsk 2007 and in many other regular tournaments, was only in there place.
Rebolini competitions in Berdsk become a regular in may 2009 in Berdsk has held the tournament for the Cup of Victory.