About regale

REBOL — new sport, invented in Russia wrestlers. In REBOL started playing 30 years ago, but the official status of an independent sport REBOL received 13 November 2003, by decision of the Commission of state Committee of Russia.

Rules are very simple: everything is allowed, except for foot pegs, shocks in the back and a clear provocation to the collision. No basketball dribbling and free throws. Violent power struggle in combination with the dynamics makes REBOL very entertaining and exciting game.

In Russia there are already more than two dozen rebolini teams, Championships and Cups of the country, international tournaments. In REBOL play in Europe — in Holland, France, Czech Republic, regolini clubs and the Federation of regola created in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia, Transnistria.

How it all began

The origins of the emergence of regola relate to the period forty years ago — wrestlers of the free and classical styles before the main training on the Mat came up with a special kind of warm-up — moving on knees across the carpet, tried heavy stuffed ball to score the opponents goal in makeshift gate.
Gradually, this warm-up game with carpet, moved to the arcade — fighters stood up to his feet and picked up a basketball. Rigid rules, like in basketball, there was. Allowed seizures of the body, tough power struggle. The game was distinguished by dynamism, spectacle, and received the name REBOL wrestling or basketball.

How to play REBOL?

The aim of the game is to hit the ball the ring of the opposing team are allowed everything but the foot grips, foot pegs, shocks in the back when throwing and obvious provocation to the collision. As the name implies, regole there are elements of wrestling, basketball and Rugby. Therefore, in order to prevent injuries and protect players, provided by knee pads, elbow pads and helmets.
Each team consists of 20 players, but no more than seven can be on the Playground. The game begins with a throw-in in midfield. The ball you can pass, throw, hit, carry, roll in any direction. The player with the ball is allowed to run. The game lasts two periods for a 20 minute clean time with a 5 minute break.

Where play regby?

Official meetings are held in the hall on a standard basketball court, but especially popular summer variety of regola — beach REBOL. In this case, the rules are slightly different — the game is played in four periods with duration of 5 minutes each.
Since 2001 tournaments in beach regball are regularly held at the suburban beaches, in the resort areas near St. Petersburg, on the coast of the Baltic sea at Kaliningrad, a city beach in Perm.

The versatility of regola.

It is scientifically proven that REBOL is the most appropriate means of preparation of fighters. It is noteworthy that the triple Olympic champion Aleksandr Karelin have long included REBOL in his training and never misses a chance to take part in rebolini matches in various wrestling tournaments and events.
Special power structures also often include REBOL in the training process, a good example is a nationwide organization of professional security guards "Elite", in which REBOL included in the training of bodyguards, collectors and guards of valuable goods.

Youth REBOL.

REBOL — spectacular and fascinating game attracts young people and has a strong educational mission, which is helping hundreds of teenagers to find their way in life. Youth REBOL actively developing in St. Petersburg, Cheboksary, where rebolini regularly held competitions of students and pupils of youth sports schools.
Recently in St.-Petersburg on the basis of secondary school was the first in Russia children's center of struggle and regola, otkryvayuschii the road to the sport to hundreds of children.