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Championship Of The Volga Region

The first official championship of the Volga Federal district on regball was held in late January in Ulyanovsk. The fight for the title were the four strongest rebolini team from the city of Cheboksary, Ulyanovsk, Ufa and Samara. In the end, the trophy went to the guests of Chuvash Republic – the team [ Read more ]

Cup of Perm on regball, Perm

In January in Perm passed a city Cup on regball with the participation of six teams, including veterans of the sport. According to the results of the championship of Perm, the winner was the team “Spartak”. Second place went to the club “great”, the third “Ural”. The next tournament [ Read more ]

Tournament “Crystal Cup”, Berdsk

In Berdsk (Novosibirsk oblast) on December 13, was the tournament “Crystal Cup” with participation of commands “Siberia” and “Ob” from Novosibirsk, and commands “Dawn” and “Crystal” from Berdsk. Winning the tournament was won by regality “Siberia”, second place – the team of “Dawn”.

The championship and the Cup of the Chuvash Republic

In the Chuvash Republic from November 7 began the competition on regball, which will be held in several stages until December 20. It's the national championship and the Cup of the Chuvash Republic. 8 November met the river – BARS, the score 13:24 in favor of the BARS. And the OLYMPUS and the BEARS ended in favor of the OLYMPUS 17:12. 14 November met the team BARS-OLYMPUS – 18:10, BEARS-VOLGA – 29:18. Champions of the Republic steel regality command BARS. [ Read more ]

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REBOL in Tambov

Friendly match regball was held in October in Tambov. Participated Aleksandr Karelin, Khasan Baroyev, Sergey Artyukhin, Islam Duguchiev, Varteres Samurgashev, Mnatsakan Iskandaryan, Alexey Kolesnikov. These famous masters arrived at the all-Russian competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling of memory of the deserved master of sports, world champion, [ Read more ]