Kaliningrad oblast

Baltic REBOL rapidly started in 2001. The team of Kaliningrad “Teutonic order” just came out in the final of the III championship of Russia of 2001 in Saint Petersburg. “Teutonic order” proved the randomness of his first success, winning a silver VII of the championship of Russia in Tver in 2005 . [ Read more ]

Krasnoyarsk Krai

The team of Krasnoyarsk region on regball is a two-time champion of Russia in this sport (Chelyabinsk – 2012, Ekaterinburg, Russia – 2013, Ekaterinburg 2014 – 2nd place). At last year's Russian Championship in Ekaterinburg in 2016, our team won the bronze medal. The team are the strongest athletes in the field of combat sports. Including World and European Champions in various martial arts. All the players are masters of sports of Russia in various sports, including on regball. [ Read more ]


Russian Federation Regola was formed in Moscow in 1999. Russian Federation Regola under the leadership of the first President of Vladimir Semenovich Zarechneva, master of sports, Chairman of the WPF “Law Center”, worked in the capital until 2006. Moscow has a rich tradition regolini – here [ Read more ]

Novosibirsk oblast

To develop REBOL in the Siberian region there began wrestlers of free and Greek-Roman style, predstvaiteli sport club “Ob” s. gvozdetskiy, M. Fatkulin, A. Pichugin, and V. Utkin and others. It was them who laid the Foundation of a team that has always distinguished the strong sporting spirit, confidence, excellent physical [ Read more ]

Perm Krai

The first official tournament on regball was held in Perm. Russia's first official tournament on regball took place in Perm in 1998 and was dedicated to the 275th anniversary of the city. Perm is considered to be the basketball center of the Urals, but REBOL it is extremely popular. Perm “Bears Of The Kama Region” [ Read more ]

Primorsky Krai

Federation of regola Primorsky Krai officially registered in the Ministry of justice in 2013. In Vladivostok now annually hosts mixed tournaments on regball and Greco-Roman wrestling "On the edge of the Earth." Earlier similar kind of mixed tournaments in Greco-Roman wrestling and regball in Primorye have not [ Read more ]

Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg Federation of regola actively working since 2001. The Federation has managed to bring the St. Petersburg REBOL absolute leaders – team “Atlanta of Neva” – the repeated champion of Russia and winner of international tournaments. [ Read more ]

Sverdlovsk oblast

В команде “Уральский легион” из небольшего города Большой Исток под Екатеринбургом играют, в основном борцы вольного стиля. Уральская команда объединяет спортсменов беззаветно преданных регболу, это два брата Андрей и Алексей Денисовы, братья Зинкевичи – Сергей и Евгений, Александр Шершевский, а [ Read more ]

Ulyanovsk oblast

Первый чемпионат России по регболу прошел в Ульяновске 1999 году. Через год в Ульяновске состоялся розыгрыш Кубка России по регболу. Сейчас регулярно проводятся открытые чемпионаты Ульяновской области и турниры памяти основателей Ульяновского регбола Ирика Ахметшина и Василия Андреева, в которых [ Read more ]