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REBOL in Tambov

Friendly match regball was held in October in Tambov. Participated Aleksandr Karelin, Khasan Baroyev, Sergey Artyukhin, Islam Duguchiev, Varteres Samurgashev, Mnatsakan Iskandaryan, Alexey Kolesnikov. These famous masters arrived at the all-Russian competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling of memory of the deserved master of sports, world champion, [ Read more ]

Championship of the city Cheboksary

In the sports complex "Spartak" hosted the VI open championship of the city of Cheboksary on regball. The title played of the team "Olympus" (Cheboksary), "Volga" (Cheboksary), "Bears" (Cheboksary). The champion title was won by regality team "Bears". The tournament was held friendly match between teams of veterans of the cities of Cheboksary and Ulyanovsk, [ Read more ]

The magazine "World of regola"

Prepared to release the next issue of the journal of Russian Federation regola "World of regola". This is the first release that comes under the auspices of the RFR and talks about sports events in the world of rebola not only in Russia but also in CIS countries. In the magazine — [ Read more ]

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REBOL in the Chuvash Republic

In Cheboksary there was the V championship of the Chuvash Republic on regball, champion of the Republic, became the first team "bars" (p. Yalchiki). Federation of regola Chuvash Republic held a tournament on regball among students of Cheboksary. The competition was attended by 6 school rebolini teams of the capital.

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REBOL in Mariupol

In December there was a tournament on regball dedicated to the memory of Nikolai Pustovalov, participated teams Rostov (Russia), Zaporozhye, Donetsk and Mariupol. The winner of the tournament — "Helicon", the second "Russian bears" team "Khortytsya" in third place.

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REBOL Cup Karelin

In October in Omsk in the framework of the international youth tournament on Greco-Roman wrestling "Karelin's Prize" passed traditional tournament matches on regball with the participation of Olympic Champions Nazira mankieva, Hasan Baroyev and the legendary Alexander Karelin.

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Regba on the Bike Rock Festival

In late July near St. Petersburg hosted the Bike the Rock Festival, organized by the motorcycle club “Night Wolves” and under the patronage of the state program Health of the nation. In a varied programme of activities for bikers traditionally, matches were held on regball (basketball without rules).

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In REBOL Bashkortostan

В городе Октябрьский (Башкортостан) состоялся турнир по регболу, посвященный памяти мастера спорта Дамира Минигулова. Участвовали шесть команд — четыре октябрьские и две уфимские, в состав команд входило немало звезд спорта: Т. Галлямов, Р. Еникеев, А. Смирнов, Д. Миннигалимов.