Youth center regola in Saint-Petersburg

In 2006 in Saint-Petersburg Federation of regola and integrated high school sports on the basis of school № 221 (St. Leni Golikova 15/2) opened the first in Russia detsko-youthful sports center wrestling and regola.
In the center there are students from 10 to 16, the basics of fighting and regola they are taught by experienced trainers, masters of sports on free-style wrestling Boris Buzuk and Nikolai Shabunin. In the gym center to train not only students of this school, but children from other areas of the city. Youth sports center has recently, but his pupils have already experienced forces on open championship of high school sports and in youth tournament and made quite a success.

Junior REBOL

Great attention to youth regball is given in Saint-Petersburg and the Chuvash Republic. In St. Petersburg, since 2003 regularly rebolini tournaments for pupils of youth sports schools in the top gyms of the city, in 2005 were two-stage summer competitions in various sports and teen camps in the resort suburbs — p. Tolmachevo, Luga district, and in Zelenogorsk.
In the Chuvash Republic have become traditional rebolini tournaments for middle school students in the city of Cheboksary, the competition on regball in the children's sport school Yalchikskogo district of the Chuvash Republic.

Student REBOL

Since 2004 in St. Petersburg annually hosts the city championship on regball for students, competitions are held at the Mountain Institute, University of physical culture, Institute of Finance and Economics, the Academy, transport University, Academy of public administration and electrical engineering College.
And in the Chuvash Republic organized a regional youth tournament on regball among students of the Chuvash Republic competition of young realistov were held in the great sports hall of the House health Ministry of sports of the Chuvash Republic.

Preparation rebolini change

All rebolini team prepare change rebolini masters in St. Petersburg, the players club "Atlanta of Neva" regularly conduct joint training with the youth team, give a real learned skill.
Guys chose this sport and under the guidance of experienced trainers learn the tactics of the game, improve power moves, and the most capable young players in the near future can claim a place in the team of Champions of Russia "Atlanta of Neva".
Of course, training in mediadem mode, to prevent injuries, but young players get the opportunity to experience the full intensity of the struggle that will certainly serve them with good support at the regularly held tournaments for young people.