Sponsorship packages

Russian Federation Regala (hereinafter – the Federation) invites You to expand Your customer base by taking part in the organization of recreational and sport events on regball regularly undertaken by the Federation.

We also invite you to become a founder or sponsor sporting events, organized by the Federation in all regions and cities of Russia.

You can choose your option of support Championships or other competitions, based on Your goals, wishes and possibilities.

General sponsor

Involves the participation of sponsor in all scheduled competitions of the Federation, as well as conducting one or a series of Championships on behalf of your company.

At Your request, you may establish your own tournament on regball and choose from planned Federation of sports events is important for Your company.

General sponsor provides (pays for):

  • The prize Fund of sport event;
  • Advertising and information support of media;
  • Show the competition;
  • Accommodation, meals for participants (if necessary);
  • The rent of the hall for the competition.

The Federation provides:

  • The sports component;
  • Developing an advertising campaign;
  • Carries out negotiations with the media and addresses issues of advertising, banners, etc.;
  • Prepares prizes and show program.

To participate in the sponsorship of the Championship can be involved and other organizations.

Cost (General sponsor) of 1.0 million rubles a year.


Involves any part of the competition, including the entertainment part of the Championship, etc. the Degree of participation You can determine on the basis of the following:

  • fabrication and rotation of commercials on television;
  • fabrication and rotation of commercials on radio;
  • the prize Fund of the championship;
  • the manufacture of cups and medals to the winners of the competition;
  • the show program.

The cost (Sponsor) from 100 thousand roubles to the competition.

Your capabilities and intended effect

Participation as a sponsor allows You to speak the founder of the event and to exploit the Event for their own promotional company.

The effect of participation is primarily manifested in the formation of a positive image of the organization in broad segments of the population.

Feature of advertising campaigns, based on non-profit Shares is that the memory of potential clients saves the information about the organizer several times longer than normal, even very high quality ads.

Support of the Championship (both General and Sponsorship) provides You with an opportunity for their own promotions during the event (presentation of new products or services), as well as information dissemination and advertising and printed materials of the Championship (e.g., in the form of lotteries), the number of which can vary from 500 people, the number of fans can reach more than 1000 people.

Information support of Sponsors.

  • Lighting sponsor status in press releases (sent by reputable media, news agencies, etc.);
  • Placement of sponsor's logo in the printing support of the Championship: on billboards, on the invitation of the competition (edition of 1000 copies min.);
  • Providing Souvenirs of the Championship;
  • TV previews — the championship and sponsors are announced on TV on channels within a month and in the transmission of the final (indicative) games;
  • Radio — the championship and sponsors will be announced on the radio stations;
  • Web site of the Federation of Resbala of Russia — the championship and sponsors are announced in the section of the current year;
  • The announcement in the reporting edition of the Championship;
  • Banner (Flag) or advertising Board during the final — is in the lobby or in the hall;
  • The presence of final — seat VIP area, SuperVIP area;
  • Photo report of the time of awarding the product of the sponsor;
  • DVD disc, USB flash drive recording of the Championship, medal, raffle of sponsors;
  • Representation of a leading sponsor of the competition during the awards ceremony;
  • A letter of thanks from the Federation;
  • Mentioning the official sponsor in advertising and presentation videos of the event, the news stories placed in broadcast television and radio stations;
  • Placement of logo sign, logo on all advertising and information billboards at the entrances to the territory of the sports complex (shield or banner + padding);
  • The location of the trademark / logo on the poster-the poster located in the town (1000 pieces);
  • Placement of Sponsor's logo on the Web site of the Federation with the possibility of forwarding to his email page in the section "Partners";
  • Speech of company representative at the opening event.
  • The placement of corporate symbols on equipment of judges and staff.

Note: all text, graphics, audio and video promotional materials and billboards for the placing according to the given list must be provided by the sponsor at the disposal of the organizing Committee on an appropriate carrier and within a specified Federation time.

For all questions can contact the Federation:
Phone: +7 (903) 322-45-05

In any case, the administration of the Federation is ready to consider any offers and variants of cooperation.

The administration of the Russian Federation regola, 2017.