The magazine "World of regola"

The magazine "World of regola" — the first and only magazine about regale. The magazine rightly can be called the encyclopedia of regola — the magazine published scientific research in the field of regola, reports from Russian and international tournaments, materials on youth and youth regball.

The high quality of the magazine is the merit of the editor-in-chief, Vice President of the Federation of public relations Valeria Surkova. Valery Surkov has a wealth of journalistic experience from the youth reporter for the Newspapers to TASS correspondent, and the weekly newspaper "24 hours" and the sports theme is well known and close editor-in-chief — the master of sports on free-style wrestling.

Sushkov Valery,
journalist, chief editor of the magazine "World of regola"

The magazine "World of regola", 2009

Is preparing to release a new issue of the journal of Russian Federation regola "World of regola". About this publication tells the Vice — President of RDF, the main editor of the magazine Valery Surkov:
It has been almost two years after the lights went out in the previous issue of the journal is the organ of the St. Petersburg Federation of regola.

The current edition is the first that comes under the auspices of the RFR and talks about sports events in the world of regola occurring not only in Russia and CIS countries.

Under the heading "From Kaliningrad to the Altai mountains" the presidents of the regional federations B. Ivanjuzhenkov, V. Chernov, G. andreytsov, I. Andreev, V. Makeev, A. Zyryanov, D. Zhuravlev, the coaches S. A. gvozdetskiy and Konev, players Maslov and Vladimir Kozlov talk about the federations and teams.They do not sidestep the problem, and primarily financial. But, despite the crisis, everyone is talking about the plans and prospects of development of our sport. A vivid confirmation of the creation of the Federation of regola Samara region.

About how the game is taking root in Ukraine and Moldova tell enthusiasts regala from Chisinau, Odessa and Zaporozhye. On the pages of the magazine, readers will find coverage of the two Championships of Russia, the international tournament of memory of Konstantin Yakovlev, the Ninth of the Cup. Interesting moments captured in photographs, posted known sports photojournalists: V. Baharev, S. Permin, L. Melnikov, S. Fedoseev.

Great help in the preparation of the magazine had a Vice-President of the Federation of resbala the Novosibirsk region, the President of the sports charity Fund "Comet" Vitaly Talkers, the President of Federation of regola Chuvash Republic Ivan Andreev, who joined the editorial Board of the journal.

The magazine "World of regola", issue 3, may 2006

The magazine contains materials on the VII championship of the II international tournament in memory of K. K. Yakovleva, tournaments in beach regball from Kaliningrad to Perm, regale in Ukraine.
To learn more about youth and youth regale in Saint-Petersburg — the children's center of struggle and regola, the championship of the city among University students of children's tournaments on regball in summer sport camps
Under the heading "science to practice" published an article by Zhukov Yu. Yu at science-based organization regole competitive process ...

The magazine "World of regola", issue 2, April 2005

In the room, detailing the important sporting events in the world of regola: Russian Premier League, championship and international tournaments and the most important — baby rebolini competitions. Became a sign of the times that everywhere, where do regblog, we give priority to the development of children and youth regola. Face off to the Playground out Teens in Transnistria, Mariupol, Altai Krai, Perm, Kaliningrad, Ulyanovsk and other regions of Russia and CIS.
The future of regola depends on how popular is this game among schoolchildren, students of technical schools and colleges, University students and young producers...

The magazine "World of regola", issue 1, may 2004

The first issue of the sports magazine "World of Regola" is the only magazine that is dedicated to regball — was released in may 2004. The room presents the history of regpala, information about the strongest Russian and foreign rebolini teams, the Chronicles of Championships and tournaments, the opinions of leading athletes and coaches, information about youth regale and clubs rebolini fans.
The newspaper reflected the diverse life of the Russian and foreign clubs, discussed the pressing issues of the theory and practice of regola, improving its rules and judging, highlights of major sporting events...