Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg Federation of regola actively working since 2001. The Federation has managed to bring the St. Petersburg REBOL absolute leaders – team “Atlanta of Neva” – the repeated champion of Russia and winner of international tournaments.

Great attention of the St. Petersburg Federation pays youth regball created by children's center of struggle and regola, regolini tournaments are held in sports schools, student leagues.

Federation provides the traditional rebolini the competition for the Cup of Peter and of the Memorial of Konstantin Yakovlev. Thanks to the efforts of the St. Petersburg Federation saw the release of the magazine “World of regola”, started producing videos about rebolini tournaments.

Pupils of the St. Petersburg integrated school of highest sports skill – Anatoly Motylev, Pavel Pogolsa, Eugene Gasilin, Sergey Baranov, Evgeny Kulakov, Sergey Chivchi-Bashi, Valery JINORIA and other enthusiasts of regola, have formed a team called the “Atlanta of Neva”, trained them and coached until today, Dmitry Mikhailovich Gercheglo. And the Creator and soul of professional rebolini team “Atlanta of Neva” became the first President of St. Petersburg Federation of regola – Konstantin Yakovlev Karolewicz.

“Atlanta of Neva” became the recognized leaders of regola, repeated Champions of Russia, winners of international tournaments, the legendary team, which never lost realnogo match, and this certainly merits the President of the club “Atlanta of Neva” Yevgeny Mikhailovich Voitenkov, Director of car centre “the Olympus” – the General sponsor of the team. REBOL in Saint-Petersburg

The first President of the Petersburg Federation of regola laid a solid Foundation Petersburg regball and is now playing out on the international stage, regolini Petersburg became the center of Russia and regolini capital of Europe. Unfortunately, Konstantin Karolewicz died tragically on may 25, 2003, but his successor on the post of the President Sergey Viktorovich Chivchi-Bashi continued active work on development of regola.

Regularly up to 2003, the best sports facilities of the city held the international tournament for the Cup of Peter the Great with the participation of regalito Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Transnistria, in 2001, the III national championship in 2002, held its first beach games on regball on prizes of magazine “Men's Helth,” in 2003, the tournament devoted to the Victory Day.
In memory of the first Presidente Petersburg Federation since 2004, takes place the international tournament – memorial of the founder of the St. Petersburg regola K. K. Yakovleva. The founder of the St. Petersburg regola K. K. Yakovlev.

St. Petersburg Federation not only holds regular international rebolini tournaments, ensures successful participation of “Atlantis Neva” in the Russian Championships and international competitions such as the Cup “ASK NELSON” (Czech Republic, 2001), the second tournament devoted to Victory Day (Ukraine, 2003), the Cup of the Azov sea (Ukraine, 2004), provides practical assistance in the organization of competitions, for example, in the tournament, dedicated to the founder of the city of Tiraspol count Alexander Suvorov (Transnistria, 2004), but also actively supports and develops youth and children unechsky REBOL – the future of St. Petersburg rebolini schools and the pledge of further victories.

So, players of the youth team of “Atlantis Neva” conduct joint training with the masters of the main structure and under the guidance of experienced trainers learn the tactics of the game, and the most capable young players in the near future can claim a place in the team of Champions of Russia “Atlanta of Neva”.

Since 2004, every year in the best gyms of the city held the championship of St. Petersburg on regball for rebolini teams of students, involving team of Mining Institute of the University of physical culture, Institute of Finance and Economics, the Academy, transport University, Academy of public administration and electrical engineering College Youth and student REBOL.

Special attention is paid Petersburg Junior regball – since 2003 held annually rebolini tournaments for children's and youth sports schools, in 2005 passed the two-stage summer competitions in various sports and teen camps in the resort suburbs – p. Tolmachevo, Luga district, and in Zelenogorsk, and in 2006 on the basis of the average of city school No. 221, the first in Russia detsko-youthful sports center wrestling and regola.

In the center there are students from 10 to 16, the basics of fighting and regola they are taught by experienced trainers, masters of sports on free-style wrestling Boris Buzuk and Nikolai Shabunin. In the gym center to train not only students of this school, but children from other areas of the city.

As you can see, Saint Petersburg is deservedly called regolini center of Russia, in which REBOL is actively developing in all directions, are the biggest competition, prepares change of masters regola, develops techniques for training and workouts, is working to promote regola – published magazine “the World of regola” are TV movies about regale and video footage of the tournaments.

President of St. Petersburg Federation Sergey Viktorovich Chivchi-Bashi.