Public organization "Russian Federation of regola" was established in may 1999. The official status of an independent sport REBOL received 12 March 2004, on the basis of the order Chairman of state Committee of Russia V. A. Fetisova

The first competition on regball took place in 1998 in Chelyabinsk and Perm. And in 1999 it was in Ulyanovsk hosted the first championship of Russia on regball. In 2000 in Moscow was first competed for the Cup of Russia on regball. And today reg-Championships and Cups of Russia, the international tournaments, traditional Reboly memorial K. K. Yakovleva. In REBOL play not only in Russia but also in Europe — in Holland, France, Czech Republic, regolini clubs and the Federation of regola created in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia.

The leadership of the Federation

Talkers Vitaly Viktorovich
Vice President
Andreev Ivan Appolonovich,
Honorary President of the Federation of resbala of the Chuvash Republic
Honorary President of the RDF
Necheporuk Alexander,
master of sports of the USSR on Greco-Roman wrestling

Structure of the Russian Federation regola

The Presidium Of The Federation:

  • develops activities and programs of the Federation;
  • develops methodological materials, regulations, instructions and other documents of the Federation;
  • communicates the Federation with national and international sports organisations;
  • administers estate and funds of the Federation within its competence;
  • elects the President of the Federation for a period of 4 years;

Bureau Federation:

  • organizes and conducts meetings of the Presidium;
  • implements decisions of Conferences, decisions of the Presidium;
  • performs reception and exception of members of the Federation;
  • approves Regulations, instructions and other documents regulating the activities of the Federation;
  • administers estate and funds of the Federation within its competence;

The President Of The Federation:

  • directs the activities of the Federation;
  • organizes the work of the Bureau and the Bureau of the Presidium of the Federation;
  • represent the Federation in public authorities and local self-government;
  • report annually to the conference and the Presidium of the Federation on the work done;

Вице-президент Федерации:

  • during the absence of the President performs the functions of President of the Federation;
  • координирует деятельность межрегиональных координаторов и пресс-секретаря;
  • coordinates the work of the Chairman of the jury;

Coordinator of economic activities of the Federation:

  • maintains a uniform financial information-commercial database Federation;
  • coordinates financial-economic activity of regional offices of the RDF;

Executive Director of the Federation:

  • leads the ongoing work of the Federation;
  • in agreement with the President has the right to sign financial documents;
  • brings to the attention of interregional coordinators and regional offices operational information;

Press Secretary:

  • represent the Federation in relations with state authorities and local self-government, domestic and foreign legal and physical persons;
  • performs specific assignments of the Bureau, the Bureau of the Presidium, the President and Executive Vice-President of the Federation;

The Chairman of the jury:

  • creates and coordinates the activities of the jury;
  • conducts judges seminars;
  • developing manuals for refereeing qualification-normative documents;

Inter-regional coordinators:

  • supervise the development of regola and are working on the establishment of new regional offices;
  • represent the interests of the Federation in relations with state authorities and local self-government;
  • inform regional offices about the activities and decisions of the RDF;
  • carry out other functions not within the competence of other bodies of the Federation.