Experts about regale

... REBOL — native wrestling entertainment, in a training program which to this day is this game. — I came out at the same venue with the basketball, but they do to us, fighters, to oppose could not. In regole generally no special training is nothing to do. As, however, and in any other professional sport, the title of which rightly claim REBOL.Alexander Karelin, the triple Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, the Hero of Russia, Deputy of the state Duma.

...regole requires excellent physical preparation, psychological stability, REBOL is a team game and you need to work very hard to martial artists to become an integral team where all have to understand each other even by the gesture. Of course, in regola promising future and its mass is largely dependent on attracting teams of young men, pupils of DYUSSH.Radchenko L. N., master of sports, head of Department of free-style wrestling, the candidate of psychological Sciences, Professor of Saint Petersburg Academy of physical culture to them. P. F. Lesgaft.

... when I first started Boxing, he often played together with the wrestlers in a wrestling basketball without rules, and it struck me that now REBOL — developed and interesting sport where Championships and international tournaments, there is a good team and not only from Russia, but also abroad, maybe when I finish Boxing career, try to do rebolini site ...Nikolai Valuev, the absolute world champion on Boxing in superheavy weight under version WBA.

... the simplicity of the rules, the excitement and emotion, accessibility — make REBOL one of the most attractive games. This courageous game that develops strength, endurance, tempers the character, as best suited to future sailors. Now command of the Navy addresses the issue of inclusion of regola in the programme of the games of the naval educational institutions of the country.Vladimir Tarasov, the master of sports of international class, European champion, winner of the European Cup and the world University games, the repeated champion of the USSR, associate Professor, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, head of Department of physical training, Saint-Petersburg Institute of the Navy.