The Republic Of Chuvashia

Chuvash Federation of regola formed in 2003. Then, in the Chuvash Republic was held the V national Championships in Cheboksary in the Republic were created rebolini team.

On the Russian arena regola Chuvash national team first played in 2003, and it is possible to determine the directions of development of the Chuvash regola. Since 2004, regularly hosts Championships city Championships Cheboksary and Republic of Chuvashia. Great attention Chuvash Federation gives youth regball, regolini tournaments are held for students, student Championships.

Chuvash Federation of regola successfully cooperates with the Ministry of sport of Chuvash Republic, Department of physical education and sports administration of the city Cheboksary, which undoubtedly contributes to the development of regola.

The backbone of the leading rebolini teams of the Chuvash Republic are wrestlers and boxers. They play the same basketball players, football players, athletes. For the first time in the championship of Russia national team of Chuvashia played in 2003, but then the team was organized by "in haste" and great achievements are not shown.

At the VIII championship of Russia in 2006 were better prepared team "Volga Hawks" with an acting coach Sergey Kalmatova, the master of sports on free-style wrestling and experienced athlete. The main purpose of participation is the accumulation of the game experience in a large regole test in the fight against the masters of regola from Siberia, the Urals, Central Russia, the opportunity to adopt something better in technique and tactics of regola.

REBOL in the Chuvash Republic is developing purposefully and in many areas, has become a popular sport and found a lot of fans. Regularly Championship of the Chuvash Republic and open Championships of the city of Cheboksary, leading regality Republic successfully participate and win in regional competitions such as the open Championship of the Ulyanovsk region.

In 2007, in Cheboksary there has passed IX the Cup of Russia on regball, which played the team from Chuvashia, Perm, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Saransk. The tournament was held at the highest level — Chuvash Federation regala has extensive experience of organization and holding such major competitions, a lack of cooperation with the Ministry of sport of Chuvash Republic, Department of physical education and sport of the city of Cheboksary.

The main goal of the Federation of resbala of the Chuvash Republic — the attraction of youth to regular physical training and sports, and special attention is given to the youth and Junior regball.

In the best sports facilities — game hall of the House health Ministry of sports of the Chuvash Republic held a national youth tournaments, students, Championships, city of Cheboksary for secondary school students, youth tournaments for pupils of Junior schools sortivnykh Yalchikskogo district of the Republic.

The competition not only enhance the physical fitness level of young people, but allow you to select a decent shift for the team rebolini masters.

And in December 2008 held a jubilee — V championship of the Chuvash Republic on regball which competed already the acknowledged masters of regola from Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk and Yaljchikskogo district of the Republic.

In addition to the teams — "VOLGA" (Cheboksary), "OLYMPUS" (Cheboksary), "BEARS" (Novocheboksarsk), "BARS" (p. Yalchiki) — many schools now have youth teams on regball, is very active in the development of regola and other cities and districts of the Republic.

For his great contribution to the development of regola in the Chuvash Republic the President of the Federation Andreev Ivan Appolonovich awarded the medal of the legendary pilot-cosmonaut, twice hero of the Soviet Union — Andrian Grigorievich Nikolaev. At the award ceremony in December 2006 was attended by a delegation of the Association of officers of the "sons of the Fatherland", headed by the Deputy Chairman Colonel Nikolayev I. N., first Deputy Minister of sport of Chuvash Republic Yu. M. Nikolaev, head of Department of physical culture and sport of Administration of Cheboksary of Ramadanov I. N. and other officials. And in April 2007, at IX tournament of the Cup of Russia, Ivan Appolonovich awarded the medal "For conscientious work".

Vice-President of RDF
Andreev Ivan Appolonovich,
The President of Federation of resbala of the Chuvash Republic, coordinator for the Volga region

An important component of successful development of regola is its support for sports and social organizations, financial help, so the Federation of regola actively cooperates with the Ministry of sport of Chuvash Republic, Department of physical education and sport, the city Administration of Cheboksary, and most of the tournaments are held thanks to the financial support of sponsors LLC "Scientific-production enterprise "Consent" Fund "Law centre", SP Maleeva Sergei Gennadievich and several other organizations.