The TV station "DON 24"

The TV station "DON 24". Throw your opponent through the thigh... and to throw the ball in the basket. Such unexpected can be basketball if you cross it with a struggle. The team of the Rostov region "the Russian bears" for the third time in a row won gold of the championship of Russia on rabolu. The don command received [ Read more ]

Krasnoyarsk Krai

The team of Krasnoyarsk region on regball is a two-time champion of Russia in this sport (Chelyabinsk – 2012, Ekaterinburg, Russia – 2013, Ekaterinburg 2014 – 2nd place). At last year's Russian Championship in Ekaterinburg in 2016, our team won the bronze [ Read more ]

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GTRK "Chuvashia"

Rosinska, Russian, Kama "Bears," Novosibirsk "Joker" and the national team of Chuvashia. So looked in the record of the championship of Russia on regball the top five contenders for the title of national champion. Who eventually won the gold medal in "wrestling Boxing basketball" in the story sports correspondent Vyacheslav Ilyin. Cheboksary took [ Read more ]

XIX championship of Russia on regball

В Чебоксарах на прошлой неделе состоялся чемпионат России по регболу. В соревнованиях, проходивших с 22 по 24 декабря, в спортивном зале регионального Центра олимпийской подготовки по маунтинбайку приняли участие 5 сильнейших регбольных команд из Ростовской, Новосибирской областей, Пермского и Красноярского [ Read more ]