The Cup defenders of the Fatherland on regball, Cheboksary.

In Cheboksary played “the Cup of the defenders of the Fatherland” on regball, February 2013, Cheboksary.

The Cup defenders of the Fatherland the Match was similar to a real battle. If not judge strictly followed the technique, players could leave the court injured. The participants of the finals of the “Cup defenders of the Fatherland” was quite expected: the capital “Olympus” and the team of the wrestling Federation, United under the flag yalchikskogo “Bars”. The rivals have met many times at various tournaments. However, the number and the result of the meetings only aggravate the confrontation. So this time the team took to the pitch as the last and decisive battle. Match referee, trained in the course of the championship of Russia, which strictly monitored compliance with the rules. So there were no serious injuries, but bumps and bruises – the usual regale. It was an interesting scenario. If the previous was written under the dictation of “Leopards”, this time the authorship was assumed by the owners of the site – players of “Olympus”. About their claims for the Cup “black-white” said in the first half.

At the break the team went with the score 10:9 in favor of “Olympus”. But to stop the wards of the USSR master of sports on Boxing Alexander Maximov did not. In the second half they managed to keep the high attack speed that nominal guests has failed to sustain it. In the end, 23:14, and the victory over the Cheboksary “Olympus”. Bronze tournament was won by the team “the Wrestler” from the Krasnoarmeisky district, more than convincingly, 23:2, who “Bears” the Chuvash state University.