XX championship of Russia on regball

This year the XX championship of Russia on regball will be held in Novosibirsk from 2 to 4 November in the Sports complex of the Novosibirsk state architectural University (sibstrin) Online stream “XX championship of Russia on regball” day by day:

The competition is held to promote and develop regola in Russia, identify the strongest teams, promoting sportsmanship, developing and strengthening sports ties between the two regions.

Organizers of the event are Russian public organization "Russian Federation of regola" Department of physical culture and sports of the Novosibirsk region, Regional public organization "Federation of Regola Novosibirsk region".

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Requirements to participants of competitions and condition of their admission

Allowed to the competitions strongest teams of the constituent territories of the Russian Federation.

  • Team – 18 athletes +1 coach +1, +2 judges.
  • The application for the game must be certified by a doctor.
  • Team must have knee pads, elbow pads and two sets of forms of different colors.

The program of the competitions

November 1 – the day of arrival, accommodation of athletes;

November 2 – the credentials Committee, meeting GSK, team competitions;

November 3 – team competition; the Grand opening of the competition 14.00 h

November 4 – team competition, finals, awarding ceremony, departure of the teams.

Preliminary applications for participation in competitions held in Novosibirsk, heading the participating sports organizations to the email address of the Russian Federation Rebola no later than 20 October by e-mail: mail@regbol.ru

List of documents submitted to the mandate Commission:

  • the application of the team signed by the Director of sports clubs or institutions subject of the Russian Federation in the field of physical culture and sports, certified by a doctor;
  • the Russian passport (ID card for military personnel);
  • health insurance or contract of insurance athletes participating team.

The team, who are not authorised doctor athletes in the application for the competition are not allowed.

In the application should specify the exact number of participants, coaches, referee and team officials, dates of arrival and departure.

Conducting organization is not responsible for accommodation of participants according to preliminary applications received after the deadline.

Application form The challenge Position

In connection with the jubilee Cup this year, released medal "20 years of Russian regball" that will be awarded to the most distinguished leaders, experts and athletes of the Russian Federation Regala, its regional branches and organisations under its supervision, as well as other persons who have made significant contributions to the development of regola in the Russian Federation.

Organizing Committee:

+7 (903) 322-45-05 Andreev Ivan Appolonovich,

+7 (913) 481-76-81 Bukharov Andrey,

+7 (913) 901-77-27 Zhornokl'ovy Dmitry Vladimirovich.