Cup of the Chuvash Republic on regball

On the eve of victory Day wards Chuvash Republican Federation of Boxing-wrestling of basketball has competed for the Cup of Chuvash Republic on regball.

The Cup of the Republican Federation of rebola was in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the official recognition of the sport and education of the Federation of resbala of the Chuvash Republic. Stand with memorials, photographs, and won awards not empty. However, the heroes could see and live. Some players are veteran teams played back in early realnogo way in 2003, the fifth Championship of Russia which passed in Cheboksary.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the right to open the tournament gave the veterans regola. The tournament organisers this time decided to depart from the classical team-building "fighters" and "fighters". Team "meteor" and "Dynamo" was formed by the method of random selection of the athletes, but with the age limit – 45 years and older. Adhering to the principle of sport note, a victory with a score of 13:11 was won by the players "meteor". However, Dynamo did not remain in the loser, because the friendship won.

But the fight for the honorary trophy of the Federation is coming under the definition of "rebolini El Classico". Virtually none of the participants and spectators who came to the national center for mountain Biking on the Cup, do not doubt that the fate of the honorary trophy will be decided by a battle between the Champions of Barca and boxers "Olympus". Specialists forecast the composition of the finale was met by 100%. But the outcome of the meeting surprised even the veterans. In the last five years on the court was dominated by the team from Republican Federation of wrestling. Olimp unsuccessfully tried to prove that the boxers that make up the core of the team, as they say in effect – did not work. And now we saw that the commitment and systematic work breaks the most powerful obstacles. Clear installing to the game's high speed, refusal of a military scenario led to the desired result. Players of "Olympus", took the lead, did not give the opponent the slightest chance to somehow brighten up his defeat. 20:12 victory of the "Olympus".

The press service of the Federation of resbala of the Chuvash Republic