Championship of Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg on regball

As it did not want pupils and students to extend the holiday, as the summer came to an end, and now they have to sit at their desks. In the club "Granit" adolescents and youth centre "Ohta" decided to see who Philo these months, and who worked hard and were lost in training from morning to evening.

August 30 in one of the courtyards at the Novocherkassk Avenue boys came together in the open championship of the game of REBOL. It is a traditional competition held by specialists in youth work in "Granite" every year at the end of the summer, to ensure the training of young athletes to new records.

"We are now on August 30, we all live upcoming Otafest, so try to accumulate as many guys who are returning from vacations and summer camps. Just this Monday the guys come from sports camps. So now we have the workout is not as intense and is made in the form of games: basketball, volleyball, regba" – said the expert in work with youth Maxim Shchukin.

Yes, "granitowa" it is evident that the summer they did not go in vain. During these months they pulled up, got stronger, learned new techniques for self-defense. And as REBOL according to the rules of the club is a cross between Sambo, Rugby and basketball, the new knowledge athletes definitely came in handy.

"We practiced a lot, studied new techniques. Fed there tasty, I liked it. It was a bit hard – workout 3 times a day. Exercises, daily workout on the Mat in the hall and in the evening either on the street or in the hall", – told about the camp of "Karelian birch" young athlete Fyodor].

While the boys played REBOL professionals working with young people has planned a new workout. Soon players won't be time for entertainment, because are waiting in front of the new records.