Snipers in wrestling tights

In early November, the wrestlers competed in Novosibirsk in accuracy. Yes, there's no mistake: in the sports complex of ngasu passed the championship of Russia on regball — strong, so to speak, the "cocktail" of basketball, wrestling and Rugby. If you look closely watched domestic film

A tournament in Novosibirsk marked the date of the circular: it was the 20th anniversary of the national championship. On site all three days was a serious struggle — literally and figuratively. Regba also called basketball without rules. Although it is not so. The rules are still there, but a lot. Defeat the opponent's basket from any distance is estimated at one point. Allowed grips the opponent, but prohibited strikes. He can only throw the ball but not the enemy.
Rebola a few "relatives". Close to it, as the name implies, and Rugby. However, the game goes in the hall and as the shell is used throughout the (basketball) the ball, not oval.
Novosibirsk is not the first time to take the championship of Russia on regball. Your best local team that often gets in the prizes of the national championship, it shows in their native land, that, in General, is not surprising. The highest achievement of Novosibirsk militia — silver. Three times out of four she did it at home.
The final was contested between two "beast", which are considered the symbol of this game. In a sparkling match "the Russian bear" from the Rostov region beat "Rosinsky bears" from Krasnoyarsk region. It is curious that the bear is depicted on the official banner competition. The top three winners locked Novosibirsk "Siberia". The first line still can not surrender, but fought the command for it.
Under certain circumstances Novosibirsk could climb higher. "Overall satisfied with the result. In 2014 we were not included in the prizes all the time was the fourth — sums up the acting President of the Federation of regola Novosibirsk region Dmitry zhornokl'ovy. But could be better. When played in a group for first place with Krasnoyarsk, led 5:0 and 6:2. But a series of their own mistakes and a couple of judges already recognized officially cost us the game. We won, and we'd have a direct route to the final. But it is at least the second place."

Wall to wall
If the competition was held in the struggle, Novosibirsk squad would have probably been the first. Experts say that the home team is the most powerful part of the wrestling regalia. Color "Siberia" protect the master of sports of the international class on Greco-Roman wrestling Alexey Ivanov. Team captain Vladimir of Wheat this year took third place at the world championship among veterans.
Some, including one of the leaders of the "Siberia" Pavel Krivosheev, at a time to play and regba, Rugby-7 (which became an Olympic sport), the benefit of that in Berdsk there is a strong Druzhina. The club plays in the super League, I mean the elite.
In regale all keeps on enthusiasm. "Sport is Amateur, and it is based on love for his work, companionship, opportunities to stay in the sport, — says Dmitry zhornokl'ovy. — At all times in Russia was such fun, like wall to wall, where men could throw out the emotions, "to be cut", to show character and strength. Regba from the same region. No salaries contracts — no one even this question is not intended. People play not for money. They earn others — they have enough knowledge and skills to take place in other spheres. For example, business".
However, the training here is more than serious. Three months before the championship of Russia athletes "sit" to the training camp where hone all of the components of the game.
REBOL — domestic invention. The first national championship for this young but stern the game was held in 1999 in Ulyanovsk. The city's residents participate in competitions from the very beginning. Over the years, changing the name and composition of the team, but the Siberian spirit is present consistently.
"First in Novosibirsk was the team "Ob", which was compiled on the basis of the sport complex of the honored wrestlers, — mind back into the past, the head of the Novosibirsk regola. — It has achieved significant results, won the championship, taking the Cup of Russia. Then there was the team of "Sobol" with any other group. She was the best on the championship field, which at that time competed with eight teams. When all of the teams created a team, it was called "Siberia". Also on the Russian arena club played "the Joker". But this year it was decided again to make the national team of the Novosibirsk region".

The game of the movie
In one of the recent videos on the Internet of fans at rebolini matches shill personally, Aleksandr Karelin.
"For many people, REBOL associated with San Sanych, — says Dmitry zhornokl'ovy. — First of all, in the film "Champions" one of the episodes dedicated to Karelin, and he introduced me to this sport foreign journalist who came to Novosibirsk. Second, in any competition where there is San Sanych, have a friendly game in REBOL, and play it all: from athletes to dignitaries and officials. On the platform there are no status people leave and chopped. The state Duma is sometimes injury — cuts, broken face... But no one complains.
Face rebola and mastermind is Karelin. We, the residents of Novosibirsk are proud that he is our countryman. Without the support and attention we are sure he does not leave. And now he came to the League and said we should meet and discuss all the nuances and future of regola".
How do people get into the game with a male, if not bearish by nature?
"First basic sport of rebola was a struggle, — says our interlocutor. — At all times a similar game in the hall served as a wrestling workout. Wrestlers dealt with it in training seven days a week. When REBOL gained independence, here began to invite children from other types. Feel good on the court, the boxers — due to good coordination and movement. They basically perform the function of hammering — "razdelyaet" the defense, moving quickly. Boxing representation — in second place after wrestling.
Также сейчас приходят ребята из набирающего обороты регби. Они очень сильны физически, и лобовые противостояния — элемент их игры. В некоторых командах есть пловцы (парни они крепкие) и баскетболисты. Так, два наших игрока занимались в прошлом баскетболом. Но костяк все равно составляют борцы».
There are preconditions to what REBOL will go to the international level. Or rather, coming back.
"Earlier, when the trendsetter was the St. Petersburg team "Atlanta of Neva", attempts to do this sport is European. Held an international competition in the Czech Republic with the participation of teams from Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, Hungary and other countries. A very strong school of regola in Ukraine. Unfortunately, because of our remoteness from Europe and the political aspects of the question of unification is not. But in any case, Peter is trying to revive the annual tournament — concludes Dmitry zhornokl'ovy.
Словом, регбол намерен ни много ни мало покорить мир. Зная, с каким упорством трудились и трудятся на ковре российские борцы, это не кажется непосильной миссией.

Source: All-Russian newspaper "Chestnoe Slovo"